Sonic Design – Final Assignment

For the final sonic design assignment, we have to replace the sounds with our own. Every sound you hear is recorded and manipulated from scratch. Things we use to create sounds are slippers, bucket, coin, cups, cabinet and other home items. For the ambient background sound, we recorded near the university’s lake late at night at 3 in the morning. For the aesthetic of the sounds, I tried to make them realistic and gritty as I thought it would be interesting contrast to its cartoonish visuals. Juxtaposition as they say.


Sonic – Assignment 2

The Sleeping Beauty

The story we used is the classic Sleeping Beauty. The planning for the narration took way longer than it should’ve been as we have to speed up the narration for the story. We did have some fun in recording studio trying out variety of impressions. There isn’t alot of sound effects we can put into the video as the story is very slow. All the sounds we use are from music royalty-free site and

Sonic Design – Week 3 & 4

In class, we learnt a bit on what is sample bitrate and the change during conversion from analogue to digital. The effects we can do on sound by changing the treble and bass, reverb, and pitch + shift. These are important as we hear how these things can be done in the major films. Some of the exercises we’ve done are as below. Sound of “Suara” file changed through Reverb Effect, to make the effect of audio in classroom, walkietalkie, phone and etc.