Web Final Assignment


Presentation Slides For Peru Embassy Is Here

Presentation talks about the choice of colors, font choice and flowchart of the website.

Early Mock Ups

 Working-ish prototype


Some important features to be noted:

-Slider at the front feature 3 images that hyperlink to other content pages.

-On headlines page, added overflow:scroll box into Newsfeed so the page does not get increased in height through out long period. The headline can be pressed and link to its source page.

-Youtube videos added on Visit Peru page(these are feature in US embassy page)

-Automatic animated Slideshow of Peru images added.

-Google Map embedded into Contact Us page. Also marked with pin on Embassy location.

-Inquiry form added for visitors to input questions or feedback.

Also noted:

-Font chosen for <p>  is ITC Franklin Gothic family. This isn’t available in everyone’s computers, hence might need to embed it domain server. If not possible, then likely change to Google Font.


Assignment 2

For the 2nd assignment, we have to make a CV website about ourselves. The structure I chose is static vertical menu on the left and content on the right. Black noisy background to fit nicely with the white/grey font colors. This also gives more focus on the important images and portfolio works.

Web Design – Week 5

Assignment 1 Final Designs are here. Baiduri is a bank service website with lots of green and white as the original site has both of them as main color. My goal is to simplify with a lot of space around the text. Mahkota Crytal is a glass product company, and again its original has blueish purple and yellow colors. But for the mock up I decide to go for full violet and light orange for bigger contrast, as one of them will be as text over the other as background.

Web Design & New Media – Week 1

Week one already had full of surprises. First, we had to do a presentation on pros & cons of award winning websites. Second, we were told to propose a website to a client from Peru embassy (and without being paid). Finally, I was instantaneously given a position of a class rep with no traditional democratic voting system. Malaysia’s political corruption has leaked to my safe haven of daily shennanigans.  That being said I did warned him if I failed the position (which I will by a mass coup d’etat), all this points back to him.

Moving onto the important stuff, the first assignment is going to be making a Landing Page on product and service websites.

Here are my proposed websites for the assignment;

Product: http://mahkotacrystal.com.bn/

Mahkota Crystal is a company that design and sculpt living room art pieces out of glass. Cons of the website are mostly about the aesthetics and the fact that its still under construction since they found out they can just use Facebook to do business.

Service: http://www.baiduri.com.bn/

Baiduri Bank is a…bank. I mean… its in the name. A local award-winning bank(apparently) that appeals mostly to the Muslims with its ergonomic Islamic financial features.  Ergonomically speaking, same can’t be said about it’s website design. With so many little logos and crowded information on one page, the focus for old aged Muslims entering is going to be an overwhelming experience.