Video Editing – Final Assignment

For the final assignment, we have to make a film based on our own idea. My idea was solely based on visual and feeling. No plot, characters or dialogue. More of the context can be read here. Video Editing – Week 7

The experience overall of shooting was very tough as we had to go thru multiple reshoots. The first shooting day, we used iPhone as the main camera as we thought it’s the only way to have slow motion shots. Once we checked at home, all footage are grainy and hard to apply vfx on it. Hence another reshoot was required but this time, the camera we use is DLSR with settings being tweaked to 720p and higher frame rate. This setting with After Effects plugin Twixtor gives a much better slomo footage we need.

Another thing we change alot is the storyboard and style of visual. Early on, the idea was to make my own animation as psychedelic texture. But as we go on, the visual isn’t “psychedelic enough”. So we try to find a  better psychedelic texture(royalty-free footage) off YouTube in a medium of “liquid light”.  These footage are much more abstract and colorful compared to being animated digitally.

My role in this is director working with 2 other members; Cheokyin and Zikri. Cheokyin work as cameraman and Zikri is the “actor” in all the shots. They also work on editing and working on heavy load of visual effects on Adobe After Effects. The post production also took a lot of time and planning as the time consuming part was the rotoscoping every movement of the character. This needs to be done as the footage being 720p being greenscreen keyed makes the footage noisy and grainy. We experimented with many special effects to get the psychedelic/ecstasy feeling we thought are best. Hence, these became much different to original storyboard shots. In the end, we thought the final work is very much similar to the context I’m going for.




Final Work

CHEW CHEOK YIN – 0323732 -Cameraman/VFX artist
AHMAD SAFWAN AZIZ – 0324648 – Director/VFX/Editor

Psychedelic Footages from
universallightforms channel
Ed’s Amazing Lightshow channel

Music credit to
Watching The Planets by The Flaming Lips


Video Editing – Week 7

“Drowning In The Feeling of Ecstasy”

The video concept is originally inspired by my previous graphic design works. As seen here, the idea was translating the psychedelic songs to how I interpret them visually. Psychedelic music is basically a genre that influenced by the use of psychedelic drugs as the most common one is LSD. Emerging from the 1960s, it has influenced some of the classic bands to make their magnum opus works. The Beatles made Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Clubs and The Beach Boys produced The Pet Sounds. 

The sound of psychedelic in the early days were more pop-ish and accessible to the radio listeners but with the growth of technology and synthesizers, the genre has been more towards experimental sounds. Today’s psychedelic genre are still alive and well with music producers such as Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Danny Brown and Shabazz Palaces. While the sounds are vastly different from the early 60s to today, they all have one similarities in their sounds; to drown their listeners in the feeling of ecstasy.


According to freedictionary definition, it is an intense joy or delight. But by a psychological perspective, it also mean a loss of self-control which is often associated with religious mysticism, sexual intercourse and the use of certain drugs. This feeling of ecstasy is what I usually try to visualizes when I do my psychedelic graphic works. And would be much interesting if could visualised it more through a moving picture.

My visual interpretation of psychedelic sound

Video Editing 2nd Assignment

For the 2nd assignment, we were tasked to film a 1 to 1 shot of scene from Jessica Jones show(great tv btw) and do editing & coloring in post production.

This scene was filmed by our seniors and we use the footage as editing practice, before we film our version.

This is our own version of the JJ scene. As the final video only a minute long, the whole filming took nearly 5 hours. Its a good practice and experience of filmmaking and teamwork.


Video Editing & Production – Week 1

During our first class, we discussed some ideas with the lecturer for our future project in the semester. Just some simple short ideas toss around to see if it can be used and fully developed. My idea was based on where I lived and my view on it being a “boring” country. This can be fully fleshed work by finding out why its boring and the local’s perspective on it.

That being said, here’s an interesting article about our great sultan;