SFX & Composition – Week 1

For the first week, we were tasked to come up with some ideas for a scifi short films. All of the ideas are inspired by a lot of works of art from television, movies, internet and etc. But the vibe and bleakness of the film I’m going for is similar to British sci-fi series; Black Mirror by Charlie Brooker.

1) What if the great life you lived is all just a dream? 10 years of living with your wife and son immediately disappear and you realize it was fiction. Inspired by the reddit post below; https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/oc7rc/have_you_ever_felt_a_deep_personal_connection_to/c3g4ot3/

2) Clone of a real person created to be used as a reality game avatar. The clone doesn’t remember anything and forced to be in a deadly game of battle royale. Other participants are also clones of their gamers. He is being treated as a merely “extra life” until he dies.

3) In future, where everyone can store all their memories in storage so none can’t be forgotten. Beneficial to the police as the evidence is always in the chip of a person. Is this necessary a good thing? Are all memories suppose to exist forever?

4) What if you can change your dream when you sleep? Would you get addicted to it compared to bleak reality? How can the bad abuse it to their advantage?

5) What if in future we can transfer all the information we need by simply plugging USB to our brain? No need to go to school, university etc. Just one download and you are now an expert in cooking Italian cuisine. Would this is impact the social life of  a person? With no more need of teaching, would the lack of communication between people cease to exist?

6) What if someone close to you who died can be brought back as a digital version? Would a mother who lost her child try to bring her child thru a phone app just to hear her laughter and giggles? Is the idea of “moving on” after the loss of someone overrated?

Reference for Black Mirror vibe:

White Christmas episode: What if we can block people in real-life as you can do on social media?

White Bear episode: On internet, we can find videos of people recording a car accident without helping them. How would you feel if everyone is recording you while you are helplessly being attacked?


Opening title sequence would preferably in style of motion graphics of Saul Bass style and aesthetic. Example: The Tick and Catch Me if You Can.

Instead of the jazzy music and colourful objects, the vibe will be towards bleak and futuristic. Of course this can be seen on Black Mirror 18 seconds opening card.




Video Editing – Final Assignment

For the final assignment, we have to make a film based on our own idea. My idea was solely based on visual and feeling. No plot, characters or dialogue. More of the context can be read here. Video Editing – Week 7

The experience overall of shooting was very tough as we had to go thru multiple reshoots. The first shooting day, we used iPhone as the main camera as we thought it’s the only way to have slow motion shots. Once we checked at home, all footage are grainy and hard to apply vfx on it. Hence another reshoot was required but this time, the camera we use is DLSR with settings being tweaked to 720p and higher frame rate. This setting with After Effects plugin Twixtor gives a much better slomo footage we need.

Another thing we change alot is the storyboard and style of visual. Early on, the idea was to make my own animation as psychedelic texture. But as we go on, the visual isn’t “psychedelic enough”. So we try to find a  better psychedelic texture(royalty-free footage) off YouTube in a medium of “liquid light”.  These footage are much more abstract and colorful compared to being animated digitally.

My role in this is director working with 2 other members; Cheokyin and Zikri. Cheokyin work as cameraman and Zikri is the “actor” in all the shots. They also work on editing and working on heavy load of visual effects on Adobe After Effects. The post production also took a lot of time and planning as the time consuming part was the rotoscoping every movement of the character. This needs to be done as the footage being 720p being greenscreen keyed makes the footage noisy and grainy. We experimented with many special effects to get the psychedelic/ecstasy feeling we thought are best. Hence, these became much different to original storyboard shots. In the end, we thought the final work is very much similar to the context I’m going for.




Final Work

CHEW CHEOK YIN – 0323732 -Cameraman/VFX artist
AHMAD SAFWAN AZIZ – 0324648 – Director/VFX/Editor

Psychedelic Footages from
universallightforms channel
Ed’s Amazing Lightshow channel

Music credit to
Watching The Planets by The Flaming Lips

Sonic Design – Final Assignment

For the final sonic design assignment, we have to replace the sounds with our own. Every sound you hear is recorded and manipulated from scratch. Things we use to create sounds are slippers, bucket, coin, cups, cabinet and other home items. For the ambient background sound, we recorded near the university’s lake late at night at 3 in the morning. For the aesthetic of the sounds, I tried to make them realistic and gritty as I thought it would be interesting contrast to its cartoonish visuals. Juxtaposition as they say.

Sonic – Assignment 2

The Sleeping Beauty

The story we used is the classic Sleeping Beauty. The planning for the narration took way longer than it should’ve been as we have to speed up the narration for the story. We did have some fun in recording studio trying out variety of impressions. There isn’t alot of sound effects we can put into the video as the story is very slow. All the sounds we use are from music royalty-free site and freesounds.org.

3D Assignments 1,2 and 3

Assignment 1 – Vehicle

Sketches and final rendering. Inspired by turbo jet engine and Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Assignment 2 – Character Design

Inspired by the zodiac creature; Gemini. The goal was to make it scary and cute at the same time(as is on the sketchbook). But decidedly to go for semi-realistic approach as it fits nicely with the grotesque organic design. (Shout out to Mr Kannan for the sketch that I failed to realized it.)

Assignment 3 – Environment Design

Sketches in progression. The nicest one is Mr Kannan’s one, of course.

360 video of the environment. Music is Svefn-g-englar by Sigur Ros.


Syurga Diatas

Syurga Diatas





Web Final Assignment


Presentation Slides For Peru Embassy Is Here

Presentation talks about the choice of colors, font choice and flowchart of the website.

Early Mock Ups

 Working-ish prototype


Some important features to be noted:

-Slider at the front feature 3 images that hyperlink to other content pages.

-On headlines page, added overflow:scroll box into Newsfeed so the page does not get increased in height through out long period. The headline can be pressed and link to its source page.

-Youtube videos added on Visit Peru page(these are feature in US embassy page)

-Automatic animated Slideshow of Peru images added.

-Google Map embedded into Contact Us page. Also marked with pin on Embassy location.

-Inquiry form added for visitors to input questions or feedback.

Also noted:

-Font chosen for <p>  is ITC Franklin Gothic family. This isn’t available in everyone’s computers, hence might need to embed it domain server. If not possible, then likely change to Google Font.

Assignment 2

For the 2nd assignment, we have to make a CV website about ourselves. The structure I chose is static vertical menu on the left and content on the right. Black noisy background to fit nicely with the white/grey font colors. This also gives more focus on the important images and portfolio works.