CPA – Final Presentation


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Our final presentation is here. We presented our “Arrival of Bugis in Selangor” informercial to R&D Studio. For the most part, the feedback are mostly on more improvements to be needed on basics of filmmaking. Such as pacing, timing of scenes coordinating with subtitles and reuse of same shots. The rest feel assets and aesthetics are good. We have yet to perfect it but from these comments, we can learnt from them and apply for future film or animation projects.

The infomercial below.


3D Animation – Week 7

Last week finishes with all the polished animations together.

-12 loops together

-6 without weapons and 6 vice versa.

-the hardest part of the process is using time editor to successfully compile together;

-with issues such as limb positions keep changing and weapon weapon is positioned properly.

-final compilation is stitched together through Premiere.

CPA – Week 4 to 6

The project has progressed steadily on assets and storyboard. The progressions such as;

-aesthetics style has been confirmed to follow the likes of Kung Fu Panda 2.

-style frame has been done as an example by me. The rest of the group will try to follow thru by the assets and animation.

-Script won’t be given by the client unfortunately, hence it will be done by Sarah in simple paragraphs. She will also narrate the script for the informercial.

-storyboard based on story has been done by Matthias, Balqis and Otto. This is sent to the client for further feedback or confirmation before moving ahead towards animatics.



In the meantime during Chinese New Year holiday, the motion graphic members will try to test with the animations and transitions more, the rest try to polish on the assets such map and environments. Right now we also wait for further news regarding sent storyboards from clients.


3D Animation – Week 5

Second Assignment

Similar to previous we have to make 6 loops of character animations but this time with weapons included as prop.

Things we learn;

-Parenting the weapons to hands. Press P while un-parenting it is Shift-P. While this is useful, it also makes it complicated when letting the weapon go off the hand. Solution to this is duplicate the prop but this one isnt parented to the character. The when the ball is thrown, we switch on visibility of uparented ball and off the parented ball. This gives the illusion that the character throws only one ball.

Progression On First Assignment

Collaboration & Professional Association – Week 1 to 3

Week 1

First week we were briefed that we will be working on projects from R&D Studios. Our group consisted of Sarah Choong, Adrianus Otto, Matthias Lim, Balqis Zaidy and Safwan Aziz(Me); to work on infomercial about The Arrival of Bugis at Selangor. Not much was being done this week as we will get more details next week at the client’s studio.

Some research done in the meantime, mostly on who Bugis and their historic context. Their art mediums and cultural aesthetics. The information is very scarce especially the images but some were barely found on the Ethnics of Jewellery From Indonesia book.

A few interesting bit I found about the Bugis is they have 5 genders. Bugis society recognises five genders: makkunraioroanébissucalabai, and calalai. Makkunrai and oroané are comparable to cisgender women and men, respectively.

Pictures of Buginese people are also very rare and some of them are not well sourced.

Buginese uses ship as they are mariners and to travel across sea to Malaysia as part of their journey arriving in Selangor. They uses a specific ship called Pinisi; medium sized ship with specific designed sails above for better navigation.pinisi.jpg

Week 2

This week we were supposed to be meeting the clients but unfortunately for me, I was on medical leave due to a flu. Fortunately the rest of the group met with them and updated me on the progression. The client are still finishing the script which-hopefully-done by this weekend. The style they most likely to go for is similar to Kung Fu Panda 2 opening sequence.

The style could fit well with the traditional wayang kulit style- an art medium that is prominent in Indonesia and Malaysia. Texture details could also be replaced with batik texture-also common in both nations.

Week 3

This week we were supposed to progress on storyboard as the script was supposed to be given last weekend. Unfortunately, it was still being worked on and that delays majority of our steps. Without storyboard, we can’t fully work on the assets such as characters, environment and even sounds. But we still try to ready some of them so we won’t have much trouble as the script comes in. We tried to finish assets such as movement of camera and character animation.

3D Animation – Week 1 & 2

First Assignment

We have to make 6 loops of game character animations; idle, death, block, run, walk and attack. While also injecting some personality into it.

Things we learnt.

-What a block out is?

-How to frame a block out.

-How to adjust speed through Time Grapher.

-Animation of idling can be while looks simple has its little subtle animations that makes it look natural such as heaving chest, arms rotating abit and etc.

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