3D Modelling – Week 3 & 4

In and out of the class, it has always been about practicing and playing around with the 3DSMax. The exercise we’ve done is mostly on making a 3D gun. This is done for experimenting and practicing. The gun can be seen below. Other than exercise, the assignment project has also been underway. My idea for the vehicle is a motorcycle on a plane jet engine. Some of the process learnt has applied such as chamfer, proboolean, connect and rotating/cloning.

Sonic Design – Week 3 & 4

In class, we learnt a bit on what is sample bitrate and the change during conversion from analogue to digital. The effects we can do on sound by changing the treble and bass, reverb, and pitch + shift. These are important as we hear how these things can be done in the major films. Some of the exercises we’ve done are as below. Sound of “Suara” file changed through Reverb Effect, to make the effect of audio in classroom, walkietalkie, phone and etc.


3D Modelling – Week 1

First week with Mr Kannan was slow and steady as it should be. We were tasked to play with the 3DSMax Software just to get more comfortable with it first and to expect fewer surprises in future use. After class we were told to recreate a simple 3D design of a hard object. My reference real life object is a mouse from our classroom. Drawn it as sketch for reference to bring back home. Here are the 3DSMax results taking less than a few hours. (Reminder to ask Mr Kannan how to zoom in the render shots.) Definitely need more tips on smoothing the edges as they’re currently too ragged.

Web Design & New Media – Week 1

Week one already had full of surprises. First, we had to do a presentation on pros & cons of award winning websites. Second, we were told to propose a website to a client from Peru embassy (and without being paid). Finally, I was instantaneously given a position of a class rep with no traditional democratic voting system. Malaysia’s political corruption has leaked to my safe haven of daily shennanigans.  That being said I did warned him if I failed the position (which I will by a mass coup d’etat), all this points back to him.

Moving onto the important stuff, the first assignment is going to be making a Landing Page on product and service websites.

Here are my proposed websites for the assignment;

Product: http://mahkotacrystal.com.bn/

Mahkota Crystal is a company that design and sculpt living room art pieces out of glass. Cons of the website are mostly about the aesthetics and the fact that its still under construction since they found out they can just use Facebook to do business.

Service: http://www.baiduri.com.bn/

Baiduri Bank is a…bank. I mean… its in the name. A local award-winning bank(apparently) that appeals mostly to the Muslims with its ergonomic Islamic financial features.  Ergonomically speaking, same can’t be said about it’s website design. With so many little logos and crowded information on one page, the focus for old aged Muslims entering is going to be an overwhelming experience.