Video Editing – Week 7

“Drowning In The Feeling of Ecstasy”

The video concept is originally inspired by my previous graphic design works. As seen here, the idea was translating the psychedelic songs to how I interpret them visually. Psychedelic music is basically a genre that influenced by the use of psychedelic drugs as the most common one is LSD. Emerging from the 1960s, it has influenced some of the classic bands to make their magnum opus works. The Beatles made Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Clubs and The Beach Boys produced The Pet Sounds. 

The sound of psychedelic in the early days were more pop-ish and accessible to the radio listeners but with the growth of technology and synthesizers, the genre has been more towards experimental sounds. Today’s psychedelic genre are still alive and well with music producers such as Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Danny Brown and Shabazz Palaces. While the sounds are vastly different from the early 60s to today, they all have one similarities in their sounds; to drown their listeners in the feeling of ecstasy.


According to freedictionary definition, it is an intense joy or delight. But by a psychological perspective, it also mean a loss of self-control which is often associated with religious mysticism, sexual intercourse and the use of certain drugs. This feeling of ecstasy is what I usually try to visualizes when I do my psychedelic graphic works. And would be much interesting if could visualised it more through a moving picture.

My visual interpretation of psychedelic sound


Web Design – Week 5

Assignment 1 Final Designs are here. Baiduri is a bank service website with lots of green and white as the original site has both of them as main color. My goal is to simplify with a lot of space around the text. Mahkota Crytal is a glass product company, and again its original has blueish purple and yellow colors. But for the mock up I decide to go for full violet and light orange for bigger contrast, as one of them will be as text over the other as background.

3D Modelling – Week 3 & 4

In and out of the class, it has always been about practicing and playing around with the 3DSMax. The exercise we’ve done is mostly on making a 3D gun. This is done for experimenting and practicing. The gun can be seen below. Other than exercise, the assignment project has also been underway. My idea for the vehicle is a motorcycle on a plane jet engine. Some of the process learnt has applied such as chamfer, proboolean, connect and rotating/cloning.

Sonic Design – Week 3 & 4

In class, we learnt a bit on what is sample bitrate and the change during conversion from analogue to digital. The effects we can do on sound by changing the treble and bass, reverb, and pitch + shift. These are important as we hear how these things can be done in the major films. Some of the exercises we’ve done are as below. Sound of “Suara” file changed through Reverb Effect, to make the effect of audio in classroom, walkietalkie, phone and etc.