Video Editing – Final Assignment

For the final assignment, we have to make a film based on our own idea. My idea was solely based on visual and feeling. No plot, characters or dialogue. More of the context can be read here. Video Editing – Week 7

The experience overall of shooting was very tough as we had to go thru multiple reshoots. The first shooting day, we used iPhone as the main camera as we thought it’s the only way to have slow motion shots. Once we checked at home, all footage are grainy and hard to apply vfx on it. Hence another reshoot was required but this time, the camera we use is DLSR with settings being tweaked to 720p and higher frame rate. This setting with After Effects plugin Twixtor gives a much better slomo footage we need.

Another thing we change alot is the storyboard and style of visual. Early on, the idea was to make my own animation as psychedelic texture. But as we go on, the visual isn’t “psychedelic enough”. So we try to find a  better psychedelic texture(royalty-free footage) off YouTube in a medium of “liquid light”.  These footage are much more abstract and colorful compared to being animated digitally.

My role in this is director working with 2 other members; Cheokyin and Zikri. Cheokyin work as cameraman and Zikri is the “actor” in all the shots. They also work on editing and working on heavy load of visual effects on Adobe After Effects. The post production also took a lot of time and planning as the time consuming part was the rotoscoping every movement of the character. This needs to be done as the footage being 720p being greenscreen keyed makes the footage noisy and grainy. We experimented with many special effects to get the psychedelic/ecstasy feeling we thought are best. Hence, these became much different to original storyboard shots. In the end, we thought the final work is very much similar to the context I’m going for.




Final Work

CHEW CHEOK YIN – 0323732 -Cameraman/VFX artist
AHMAD SAFWAN AZIZ – 0324648 – Director/VFX/Editor

Psychedelic Footages from
universallightforms channel
Ed’s Amazing Lightshow channel

Music credit to
Watching The Planets by The Flaming Lips


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