3D Assignments 1,2 and 3

Assignment 1 – Vehicle

Sketches and final rendering. Inspired by turbo jet engine and Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Assignment 2 – Character Design

Inspired by the zodiac creature; Gemini. The goal was to make it scary and cute at the same time(as is on the sketchbook). But decidedly to go for semi-realistic approach as it fits nicely with the grotesque organic design. (Shout out to Mr Kannan for the sketch that I failed to realized it.)

Assignment 3 – Environment Design

Sketches in progression. The nicest one is Mr Kannan’s one, of course.

360 video of the environment. Music is Svefn-g-englar by Sigur Ros.


Syurga Diatas

Syurga Diatas






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