For the first assignment, the task was about making a clip art style illustrating story of news article and the criteria of the art is based on texture of the object. I sketched 30 objects with texture and had chosen one that is texture of cross section of plant’s stem.

2d assignment 1 progress-01

Above is the sketch of my chosen article which was about martial artists going home to celebrate christmas with family.  Below it is the visual references of plant cells seen in details. So I tried to corporate the story with six scenes into the cells.

2d assignment 2 progress-01

Early sketch of the texture.

2d assignment 4 progress

Sketch and Digitalized version of the texture.

2d assignment 3 progress-01

The process of incorporating the scenes into the texture.


Final Design.

The scenes inserted tells the story of martial artist going home and as he meets his father, he feels like a child again. The inner childhood becomes literal and goes back to earlier past which shows how hard he has trained to become a fighter.

Here are the 30 styles of final design. Changes varied from the color gradient and color of line.

20 boxes-01


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