2D: Assignment 4 (FINALLY YEAH!)

In our final assignment, the task involves every little thing we learnt previously; typography, logo, branding etc.

Logo is the biggest part of the assignment as we have to put them on our chosen 10 items that we “make” as a mock company. As a company I decided to become a manufacturer of cutlery items under the name of Fata Morgana. The name is from an optical phenomenon that happens above the sea which has transpire events from the past to leading tales of Davy Jones and Crocker’s Land. My favorite was the poet by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow of which he describes a fantasy castle which a wanderer tries to seek, but at the end it was simply an illusion.



Mirage in the Aerial World by Dr. G Hartwig, London.

Aside from the poem, this illustration of exaggerated phenomenon also visually influence Fata Morgana. This theme of “wanderer seeking for fantasy land” evolves with the company as the customers trying to seek for high aesthetic tools and instead of becoming fantasy, it becomes reality for them. This philosphy becomes the heart of Fata Morgana ideology.


Here are the evolution of logos from 1st part to 3rd part of 30 designs. I then chose one from the final 30 which was…


A logo with sketchy symbols of “floating ship” and reflective ocean.

Moving on next is the products and packaging. I chose to spent heavily on the packaging as I didn’t have the ability to make the products that would resemble my vision. So with the packaging I could stylize them with heavy Fata Morgana philosophy of typography, material and logo.

Here are the blueprints of the packages. All of the boxes are made of hard brown thin cardboard as they could come from recycling materials which has less negative effects on the environment during the product manufacturing.


These are the finalized products as a result with descriptions in each page. Click each to zoom in. Thanks for reading!

Presentation Part 1

Presentation Part 2


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