2D: Assignment 3

This assignment is about typography. We learnt from earlier lecture was the way how words can be played with to fit with the context of articles, magazine and even building.

These are some of my favorite examples of how artist use typography to fit with the theme of magazine. And this inspired me to also work on a magazine layout. The article I chose was about a water village in my country; Brunei which talks about nostalgic essence the Kampong Ayer brings even when modernification happens surrounding it.


Final artwork.

Using the colors that represents Brunei which are gold, orange and yellow. The font choice is Arabia Black which was heavily modified with dimensionality of molten gold and reflecting white lines on top. The parts I adjusted are such the shoulder of K and tail of Y with an “&” at the tail’s end. The “&” is purposely done as it is part of the magazine’s main characteristic to add in every title of future magazine covers. Under “Kampong Ayer” is the font Serif-Cinzel in bold. Under the whole main headline is the subtitles in SansSerif’s Gotham in Italic. Outside the rectangular box are the text in Bold Gotham. At the left top corner is the magazine’s logo.

Here are the headline without the background and few different versions of the magazine cover.



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