2D: Assignment 2

In the second assignment, we continued with some of the elements from the previous to created wallpaper and pattern. We used the colors from the previous artwork and separated them into separate lines. Aside from that we also have to use the clipart work and use it to make a texture of a wallpaper.

After this we are immediately tasked to make a typography logo of a letter from our name. I made 2 of them; the first as a story telling and the other as an experimentation on illusion.

For the first artwork I tried to play around with bright colors to play around with dark symbolism which in this case a “crack of hell”. Coming from the crack are the vibrant brushes of smoke and a sillhoutte of man can be seen above it to give it more sense of huge scale. The second artwork I tried to play with the cold and warm colors, trying to give a sense of dimensionality of the letter without the use of greyscale colors or shadow gradient. The lighter side of the “S” is the blue, green, pink and yellow with the darker side is the violet, red and orange.





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