CTS Presents The Dumb Hat


Its the final assignment for CTS. Making a short film around a prototype.


For the assignment, our team was assigned to produce a short film based on a prototype. It could be made from any genres as long as it is original and heavily focused on the prototype. The prototype chosen was Joyi’s work; the multifunctional hat. Our chosen genres for the film was comedy with a bit of thriller.


There are six members in our team. Aisha is our director. Iwan(me) is the editor and cameraman. Jay, Riyya, Joyi, Luqman and Aisha again are the main actors. Other extra actor is our lecturer who helped narrate thru the speaker.


The summary of the film basically revolves around the idea of an object uniting a very diverse/different people together.  Each character has it’s own special personality. Luqman; Justin Bieber similarities. Joyi; Cheer-y and jolly. Aisha is a loud mouth. Riyya is a lazy procrastinator. Jay is a shy introvert with a big wisdom.


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