POD: Greeting Cards

It’s the last week of our first semester. With that here, we presented our final POD project; the greeting cards.



For the assignment, we had to produce a series of five greeting cards under one theme and realistically can be used in real life. Some of the important points here are the use of interactivity for the customers and the element of surprise.


The product I made were based on the subject “pizza”. Pizza has a lot more fun topics and content, fits well with the circular design of cards and plus, everyone loves pizza. I also decided that the style of writing and communication would be informal (more like Cards Against Humanity products) as this would attract more with the young adults. To attract more adults I also included some content with sexual and offensive/racist humour. This of course leads me to plaster a red bright “ONLY FOR ADULTS” warning sticker on the front.


Here are some of the early ideas before I chose the theme pizza. Few of the interesting ones were the Japanese Sushi lunch box, burger, handphone and chewing gum.


With 5 cards in mind, I decided to have each card with double sided content; 1)an interactive greeting page and 2) facts about pizza.


Here are the contents for all 5 cards. One greeting content and one trivial pizza information for each card.


Sketches of the box package, card layout and wrapper with test mock ups.

The early layout of the content. How I outline the content with the use of only 5 “slices”(pages) on each side. I also designed each toppings of pizza with the style of paint brush, charcoal and pencil strokes. Trying to keep all the toppings are difficult as if one looks odd, it could ruin the whole pizza design. Tested with different designs of wrapper to see which works best for packaging the card.





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