BOXES – WEEK 11 & 12


For most of Week 11 and 12, we continued our journey on drawing colorful objects. There were new additional ones such as the yellow bottle, the brown globe and fruits reflection on mirror. Of course this further test our sight on the subtle colors hidden such as the yellow bottle with a hint of yellowish-green patches. Another complex shading involves a fruit behind a brown object. Shading different colors of brown against many red of apple really takes time and experimenting. The reflection of fruits on the mirror shows that it isn’t simply copying the same colors again- the reflection of the object apparently has to be darker just to give the right perception of distance to the eyes. Then on the last drawing in week 12, we completely moved away from the fruity colors and back to the dark era. Except that this involves drawing a statue. For my first figure drawing, it was a mess as I had no idea where to start and do the composition properly. It really took a huge chunk of time just to get the perspective, composition and structure right.


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