In this week, we started with something new and something…fresh. Yes, colorful fruits. Drawing colorful objects is much different compared to black and white due to the subtle colors we have to look closely when looking at the objects. An apple isn’t simply red- it has a blend of brown, pink, maroon with dark blue in the shadow. Wide variety of colors have to be used here to get the right subtle colors we need. Plus the reflection of other fruits on another really complicate the blend much harder. This really tests how we see and think on the algebra of colors to get the correct one. I found much easier to start with lighter color (e.g yellow, pink, peach, green) to darker/stronger colors from the back to forth. It is basically adding layer on top of another layer to mix together. Other than blending we also have to focus on the shading technique. We have to really shade according to the right contour direction. As example, the apple we have to shade from the stick at the to the bottom hole.


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