CTS Presents: The Journey Through Mask

Right after our last assignment, we quickly went straight into another. This time it’s an individual work involving a mask. For 2 weeks we were assigned to construct our own mask with its objective of “Create a mask which represents your journey, your goals or your resolution!” Right from the beginning of the presentation Mr Charles gave about the Journey of Hero or something, I don’t really remember all the details but it did give me at least some legs to work on. For the mask I decided to be a bit personal with a bit of ‘heroism’ story from the past. With that idea kept in my mind, we then moved to  brainstorming with play of words that represent me. Each one in the class has to choose a word quickly in a duration less than 5 seconds. My word is ‘red’. I didn’t really know why I chose that as it isn’t really my personal favorite color of mine. Maybe I was just feeling red for the day, maybe it was because of the nice chicken curry I had the night before or maybe it was the color of the chair I was sitting on. Whatever it was, who knows.

Sticking to the word, we proceeded by expanding to its synonyms-metaphorically, literally or personally.

I also sketched a bit on what the color means or represents. From all of this, I then chose which suits the most with my personal storytelling on the mask. The idea is a demon.

The inner red.

The inner red

Now back to the personal story for the mask, I tried to remember a particular moment from the past when I realized I wasn’t a good person. Telling the story thru the mask I sketched a concept where a demon of dark red unveiled itself out of the whiteness of what the person thought he was. The protagonist thinks that he was pure and innocent for a very long time. After witnessing another person of similar personalities and actions, he then realized what kind of person he truly is. Before the hero can at least save himself he needs to let the demon out and kill it.  He needs to accept what he really is. There is only one character here in a story of hero vs villain.

The process of making the mask took 2 days as it involved alot of trial and errors. Most of the materials I used were glue, paper, duct tape, elastic bands and acrylic colors(black&red). For the demon I took some inspirations from Japanese demons (Nioh demons?) as their facial features has more psychological impact to the audience. For the rest of the mask, I decided to leave them as white because I would like the color to highly contrast to the inner red.


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