Boxes – Week 7 & 8

IMG_20150927_100238 IMG_20150914_203517

Hi, it has been a while since I updated the blog due to lots of assignments cramping down the throat, but all is well for the time being as I have some free time to sort things out. For the last 2 weeks, class of FD has changed things up a bit. Instead of drawing on white as usual, this time we decided to use black paper. Before this we were ‘shading’ on white space but now we were doing the ‘lighting’. Using soft white colored pencil on black rough surface, we can try to manipulate white lighting easier against black objects. This assignment is done to exercise our mentally with both of the concept of shadows and light. How the light and dark react with each other and practicing the shading. For example, we practiced shading the ‘lighting’  against black lamp. The lamp has different surfaces; a transparent glass and smooth metallic surface.  The tone of the lighting differs on each.


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