Self Portrait

In recent weeks of Principles Of Design class, we were assigned to work on a self portrait based on any design movement. Mine was the psychedelic art with medium of digital art that uses softwares of Adobe Ps & Ai. This post here is to show the progress from the concept to the outcome. You can find out more about the psychedelic art here.


The first step was the sketches. I did two types of sketches- thru pencil and digital. By doing them digitally I can easily show how the colors blend and what photo of me to be used. These sketches were done to show just the basic layout and tone of colors. After all the sketching, I decided to go for the “Come and See” sketch.

Visual References

Before starting the design, I did visual research on modern psychedelic artists such as Leif Podhajsky, Andrew Archer, Matt Corbin and many more. What I tried to gather is how the artists blend a very contrast colors together and the appropriate style of line for drawing.


There were the results of hours on my experimentation with the colors.

A quick snip of the progress during my experimentation.

Yes, it's a GIF

Yes, it’s a GIF

The Final Art


Principles of design: Gradient and Contrast

Elements of Design: Line and Color

I chose the colors purple and yellow as they oppose each other on the wheel of color spectrum. Then I blend them together with gradient.


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