Boxes – Week 5

Getting Darker

IMG_20150902_201816 IMG_20150902_201847

Where things should get metaphorically “brighter” in the tunnel of our lives, it went very dark in the class of drawing. Literally. After weeks of drawing boxes, this week we finally drew the outside of the boxes. The shadow. We learnt how a one source of lighting can affect tone of shadows around objects. Either they embrace the round parts or they bounced off the flat surface. We must also remember that the lighting doesn’t necessarily come only from one source but can also come from reflection of other objects/base or natural light(sun). Objects with a  lot of planes and angles will also have different value of shadows when there’s only one light source. For example, an octagon will have different tone of shadows on the planes. Round object such as cylinder will have a gradient of black to white on it’s round side. Executing the shadow effect must be consistent on which part of the object is the darkest to the lightest. There are also many ways on shading such as curly line, straight parallel lines or cross-pattern.


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