CTS presents Nerd Vs Jock: Spreading Kindness

Week 4 was a busy one,  with our most demanding assignment yet. From Creative Thinking Class, we were tasked to film our group doing an original, creative and funny social experiment. A social experiment of any kind as it must involves a special criteria of behavior, color or make up. These are the factors that we could question and experiment on. For example, in our group we wanted to question if there’s any difference in attitude or reaction when people of contrast appearance try to give free food. The appearances we decided were nerd and “jock”/bully. Not just a change of appearance but also in behavior, with the nerd acting kind and the jock being rude. So the factors we’re testing are the behavior and make up.


How the experiment goes is simple. One man is in a jock/bully fashion and the other is in an exaggerated nerd-y with a big fake spectacle prop. 4 people will be tested for each character. The actor(nerd/jock) is simply going to give a free snack to  strangers with it’s own specific behavior. Then the results should be based on how they react.


After testing on 8 people in totalled, the reactions we observed were very scattered. Some people do accept and some don’t, with others hesitate and unsure on how to react. Bottom-line though, the appearance and behavior do not affect how  most people react to strangers. They didn’t accept the snacks easily based on behavior but instead just being careful when it comes to receiving free food from strangers. Behavior and appearance were factors they didn’t care about.


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