CTS Presents The Flying Eggsperiment


It’s the second week already and our first CTS(Creative Thinking Skill) assignment has arrived.  And the task sounds simple – we were to “fly” an egg. Unfortunately, the simplicity of the task has to be accompanied by the conditions of fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration. Fluency – “the ability to generate quantities of ideas”, flexibility – “the ability to create different categories of ideas, and to perceive an idea from different points of view”, originality – “the ability to generate new, different, and unique ideas that others are not likely to generate” and lastly, elaboration – “the ability to expand on an idea by embellishing it with details or the ability to create an intricate plan”. These criteria are very essential as assessing each group’s work.




Our group consisted of three geniuses – Kah Yee, Joyi and me; Safwan. We don’t really have a group name since we’re not lame but if we have to call ourselves, it’s the “Cool Kids By Block D.”




First we put our questions on the table just to kick off the ideas and brainstorming on flying the egg. These were some of the questions:

1. How can egg fly?

2.How can it fall safely?

3.How can we eject the egg?

4.How slow must the egg fall to survive?

5.What materials can we use to make egg fly and secure it?

6.How to control the speed of an egg?

7.Gliding VS parachuting?

8. Best position to hold the egg?

Below here are the simple sketches on what we had came up with. Such as rocket bottle, slingshot, ways of parachuting and etc.

At the end of the brainstorm session, we went with the “Catapult” idea.




We went into more depth with construction of the Catapult.





After dozens of prototypes tested and destroyed in the process, these were the only ones that managed to survive.





The device was a success; the device ejected the egg with enough force with the egg parachuted instantaneously. The egg survived with not a single crack,





Honestly, I found the whole experience to be stressful and nerve-wrecking since it was hefty as our first CTS assignment. But it also did give me a lesson on why CTS is important especially for students like us in design school. We have to be active when it comes thinking and spitting ideas especially when that is the main job as a designer. So here’s more to CTS on shaping me to be a better thinker in the future.


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