Box, Trash and Apple

white space

An apple a day…


First of the day

Drawing of an apple to showcase different styles of drawing from students. Ranging from a simple line, addition of shadow-shading to a cleverly use of Apple iconic logo; showing an infinite solutions on portraying a simplicity.

white space

“What’s In The Box?”


Yes, it’s a GIF (Click for bigger view)

Progress shown on drawing still life objects. Testing skills on sight-size measuring, perspective accuracy and drawing skill. Definitely need more work.

It’s trash mostly.

Art or trash?


Objects around the campus. Trash, leaves and sticks.

Class on found objects. Tasked to find random objects around the campus, interestingly enough red was the common color found in trash. Contrasting to the very common color of nature; green. The tasks given were assembling them to form 1) a face and 2) anything (we chose on making a 3D bridge after several unsuccessful attempts on making an airplane).


It’s my face if you squint hard enough


It’s a bridge (for the sake of art, never for the functionality)


A color spectrum of objects also shows the frequency of colored objects. With red being as the most common and white as the least, interestingly.


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